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All4Pack Innovation 2022: SGT is nominated

New monolayer dairy preform with less than 4% of TiO2

Comexposium has announced it: SGT is officially one of the finalists in the All4Pack Innovations 2022 competition.

Our monolayer dairy preform with very low mineral load caught the attention of the jury and was selected in the sustainable and responsible solution category.

“This is our second nomination for the All4Pack Innovations competition. In 2016, our dairy preform had already won an award, explains Gilles BOUGUEN, director of the R&D department of the SGT group.

“This reflects our expertise in the eco-design of preforms”.

SGT has developed in partnership with Avient, a coloring specialist, a new single- layer dairy preform with a very low mineral content (less than 4%).

Intended for the dairy products market, this 38 mm neck preform incorporates a new additive technology called ColorMatrix™ Lactra™ Four One Zero which offers both superior whiteness to the bottle and high protection for photosensitive liquids.

The ColorMatrix™ Lactra™ Four One Zero formula allows, in fact, to block light up to 99.9%, even with a low wall thickness (200 microns). Dairy products, such as UHT milk, sensitive to oxidation are thus protected and kept longer, up to 6 months, without altering taste or sensory and nutritional properties.

This 100% recyclable single-layer preform can be perfectly integrated into a closed bottle-to-bottle circuit and can contain up to 100% RPET.

The entire 38 mm neck range can be produced in a single layer, with lightening possibilities, and adapts perfectly to all production lines.

The winners of the All4Pack Innovations competition will be announced in November, but this second nomination is already perceived as a victory for SGT with recognition of its efforts and its commitment to sustainable development.



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