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SGR equipped itself with a unique and innovative optical solution


Société Générale de Recyclage (SGR) has equipped itself with a new equipment for post consumer PET flakes in order to optimize its process and the quality of its rPET.

With an annual capacity of 12,000 tonnes of recycled PET mainly intended for the food industry, the company is equipping itself with a 4.0 analysis tool to provide its customers with premium quality rPET.

The rPET produced by SGR, also called CIRPET, obtained a favorable opinion from EFSA last year. Today, the recycling unit wishes to go further in its commitments to quality and traceability to achieve this SGR is investing in an innovative automated analytical solution. To achieve its objectives, SGR turned to a Canadian manufacturer Eagle Vizion, which has developed a machine dedicated to the analysis of post-consumer polymers called: FLAKE ANALYZER.

We are giving ourselves the means to strengthen our position and offer the best possible quality of rPET to our customers, and above all consistent quality,” explains Jean-Marc WIENCEK, Plant Manager de Chalon-sur-Saône.

The Flake Analyzer is based on the simultaneous use of infrared identification, artificial intelligence, and color identification, with these 3 components it possible to obtain a complete mapping of the material found in the rPET flow. This innovative and scalable system identifies each particle and quantifies at ppm precision the different constituents of the rPET flow. The ever-expanding FA database includes over 40 different polymers, copolymers/multi-layer combinations as well as other materials such as wood, metal, and even glass.

« This new machine helps us increase the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of our tests. »

SGT’s objectives are to improve quality, increase productivity, minimize defects, while reducing production waste. Indeed, the quality of rPET depends on the initial purity of the inbound PET flakes and the efficiency of the sorters used to purify that stream. Thanks to its integration directly into the CIRPET production line with continuous sample analysis, Eagle Vizion’s FLAKE ANALYZER validates purity in real time. This detection of contaminants allows for swift automated reaction when purity levels change.

« “The recycling sector is constantly evolving, it is important for a company like ours to equip itself with intelligent tools to obtain the most precise data and remain competitive,” specifies Jean-Marc WIENCEK.



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