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Quality approach/Environment


Since 1981, SGT has been a player in the food industry market as a drinks packaging supplier. Over the years, it has imposed its trademark realism, quality and reactivity. When its PET business was launched in 1997, SGT developed considerable expertise in the manufacture of preforms. While preserving its core qualities, the company has been forced to adjust to a commodity market that is increasingly competitive, demanding and
concerned about food safety.

Following on in the wake of actions already implemented with the introduction of the HACCP plan, compliance with proper hygiene practices, and flow enhancement works, while bearing in mind the economic reality of the market, SGT is embarking on a further stage, namely certification of its site to meet standards ISO 22000 and PAS 223.

  • The following are key guiding principles which go beyond the requirements of those standards
    • Ensure the safety of food stuffs while maintaining full control of our preform productions.
    • Ensure product quality
    • Keep workers’ personal safety a priority concern
    • Continue to be a force for proposition and innovation for customers

Continuous improvement of these main principles is measured by monitoring regularly defined and reviewed targets. This involves good communications both internally (staff meeting)  and externally with SGT suppliers and customers.


  • SGT has embarked on an environmental approach at every level:
  • During the manufacture of PET preforms:
    • By preventing and restricting the production of waste
    • By offering the use of Recycled PET
    • By recycling its process scrap.
    • By reducing the weight of the preforms
  • Setting cleaner technology in place:
    • Replacement of cleaning solvent with high pressure CO2.
  • Reducing energy consumption:
    • In investment in energy consumption monitoring and management equipment.