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Our history


The SGT (Société Générale des Techniques) was established in order to supply the Group’s Bottling Units with food-grade PVC compounds.

From 1991 to 1997

SGT saw high growth in its volumes and sales, while extending its client portfolio to all the players in the bottling market, both in France and for export.

In 1997

To meet fresh demand from its customers, SGT set up an injection shop for manufacturing preforms in PET (polyethylene terephthalate) to go along with the PVC compounding business. The injection shop then had 4 presses.


To meet its customer requirements focussing on PET, SGT discontinued Its compounding business and increased its PET preform production capacity, by investing in 10 injection presses.


Setting up of a PET preform and cap production site in Rouïba, Algeria in order to provide an even faster response to the needs of bottlers at the local level and in neighbouring countries.


With a constant concern for remaining at the cutting edge of the technology, SGT has been renewing its facilities ever since and increasing its production capacity to the point where it now has a pool of 16 injection presses for PET preforms at its Rezé site, where over 155 preforms with different geometries can be manufactured.

Meanwhile, the Rouïba site in Algeria has 15 injection presses for PET preforms used to manufacture over 35 preforms with different geometries, with 2 presses for PEHD caps to complete the industrial plant.

May 2013

Setting up of a third new production site in Setif, Algeria. Equipped with 3 types of moulds with 72 cavities, this new Algerian factory is able to host 9 presses for an average production of 2 billion preforms per year and will complement the 15 existing presses of the Rouïba site in order to reach an overall production capacity of 3.8 billion preforms.

July 2013

With its expertise in the liquid packaging, SGT gets in July 2013 the much coveted FSSC 22000 certification. This worldwide safety food standard also includes the ISO 22000 standard and the prerequisite programs (PRP) of the  PAS 223 specific to the food packaging manufacturers.  SGT shows its ability to meet the requirements of its customers in terms of food safety and good hygiene practices.